Pajama bandit steals Christmas decorations from Kansas business

MERRIAM, Kan. – The owners of one Kansas business are finding humor in a recent heist.

Lesli and Dan Keister run Keister Equipment Repair on Merriam and 53th Street.

On Tuesday morning, their security cameras caught a woman stealing the Christmas decorations from outside their business.

“It’s not a major theft case, but it’s the Grinch that tried to steal Christmas,” said Lesli Keister.

The video shows a woman, dressed in what appears to be her pajamas, scoping out the business before taking some decorations in a potted plant.

“They were fake evergreens, pine cones and some birch branches. Kind of petty,” said Keister with a laugh.

The woman then tried to take a decorated tree but couldn’t lift it; the tree was inside a pot that weighed 50-60 pounds.

“When she tried to lift that up, honestly I just laughed,” added Keister.

While the owners found the video funny, they said they never thought they would need to bring their decorations in at night.

“You do everything you can to try to make your business look nice up and down this street and when you can’t even have Christmas decorations or fake holiday displays out in a pot without some trying to steal it,” said Lesli. “It’s frustrating.”

“Lesli spends a lot of time making the place look nice--doing her thing--and for people to be that bold and steal, [it’s sad], added her husband Dan Keister.

The Keisters said the decorations weren’t worth a lot of money but they would like them back.

“It was festive and pretty, and I would kind of like it back,” said Lesli.

Lesli believes the woman, who appeared to be driving a dark For Explorer, lives in the neighborhood and was likely dropping someone off at work or school, given the fact the thief was in her pajamas; she said she filed a report with the Merriam Police Department.