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Folks rush to post office to get shipments out in time for Christmas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It’s down to the wire to send out your Christmas cards and packages.  Wednesday is the last day for priority mail at the post office to get delivery by Christmas.  From here out, you’ll have to fork out extra for overnight or express shipping.  And there are a couple of people making last-minute shipments who have some extraordinary reasons to be thankful, despite the final rush.

At the post office, the line is a little long.   A lot of cards and packages are still getting stuffed with hopes they’ll arrive in time for Christmas.

“At this point I feel like a Christmas package!  But I don't mind it,” said Hannah Carey.

Carey has family spread out all over the country and will be traveling to several states back east for Christmas.

“For me, most of my family is on the east coast and I'm going there and I can't put everything into my carry on so this is sort of my carry on!  I basically fill all these packages with stuff for everyone I'm going to see then when I get there we will open them together,” said Carey.

Darryl Burton doesn’t mind the last-minute rush to deliver Christmas greetings.

“It is such a blessing.  It is a joy to be out, to be able to send gifts and cards and just be able to recognize this is a season to rejoice and to enjoy family, friends and all that good stuff,” said Burton.

Burton has a lot of reason to be thankful.  He’s celebrating nearly a decade out of prison.  Burton was released in 2008 after being wrongfully convicted of murder in St. Louis.  At Christmas, he always takes time to appreciate the little things.

“Just to see the excitement and all the energy.  Just seems like people are happier and nicer during this time of year.  I love this time of year.  Because people really are more kind and gentler,” said Burton.

His cards are an annual tradition to express gratitude to people who have supported his journey, from 24 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit to his current passion for sharing his testimony and future goals to save others wrongfully convicted.

“This is special.  This is really a joy.  It is a gift and not to take it for granted.  And for me the reason of the season is Christ.  My Lord.  So this is what I believe,” said Burton.

Faith and hope are his constants, that despite all the hurt and hardship in the world, there are reminders and reasons to celebrate and be grateful.

“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and give God the glory,” said Burton.

If you still need to get items delivered by Christmas, you can pay extra for overnight shipping.  Many stores also let you order online, then pick up in store.  The post office alone expect to deliver three billion pieces of mail and 200 million packages this week.