Man recounts scary moment he stepped in to help ex-girlfriend of suspect in KC murder/suicide

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Cody McDole says if he hadn’t been at the wrong place at the right time, two people may have been killed by 22-year-old Kareem McCoy-Lee.

“If I wasn’t here, it would have been a completely different story," McDole said. "There would have been two tragic incidents. There’s no way he would have stopped if we weren’t there."

Police said McCoy-Lee was plotting to murder his ex-girlfriend when he killed an innocent 18-year-old woman he met on Tinder. Then he took his own life. But in between the two deaths, there was another attempted murder.

The Good Samaritan stepped in when McCoy-Lee was trying to murder his ex-girlfriend.

It was just a normal Tuesday for McDole, who was fixing the lights on a billboard. That is, until gunshots rang out.

“I heard flat tire sound coming down the road, and I just figured someone driving to a safe spot trying to find a safe spot to change it,” McDole said.

He was standing next to his truck, helping his coworker in a field on South Stewart Street when it happened.

McCoy-Lee's ex-girlfriend Bryanna Spencer was in that vehicle that did indeed have flat tires. She said she was fleeing from McCoy-Lee who had already shot at her moments before.

“Then I saw the other black vehicle, the four-door sedan, pull up in the oncoming lane traffic next to the vehicle, and at that point I thought it was road rage,” McDole said.

“As I got out the car I ran, I ran towards the men," Spencer said. "He shot at me, fired a few shots at me and I am like, 'Please help me. Help me. He is trying to kill me,” Spencer said.

“As soon as she saw me standing there, she pulled in as fast as she could, yelled 'Help me' a few times, and she slammed into the bush to the left of me," McDole said. "At that point, he pulled in right next to her and started firing his gun."

McDole ran to his truck.

“She sprinted across the field, which was 30 feet or so, and I told her to get into the passenger seat, and I threw it into reverse and took off and just tried to get us as fast away from him as we could,” McDole said.

He yelled to his partner to stay up on the billboard, that he was probably safer up there, as he drove Spencer to safety.

“He was definitely out to kill her.; There's no doubt about it,” McDole said. “I was just lucky that I don't know what his head when he saw me, but he decided to roll his window up and he drove away.”

He stopped the truck down the road and called 911.

“She was very hysterical, so I was trying to keep her calm, letting her know she was safe,” McDole said. “There was just something not right with him.”

McCoy-Lee posted about his plan to kill Spencer and her mom on Facebook. He referred to Mikayla Norris, an 18-year-old woman he supposedly met on Tinder and then killed, saying the "white girl was just a (pawn) for the car."

“It's just sad that she was used for her car when she probably would have given it up," McDole said. "She probably would have been like, 'Take my car,' and that could have been the end of it."

Kansas City police confirmed a body found near 85th street and Hillcrest was that of Norris, who was last seen leaving work Sunday.

“I feel very bad for her family," McDole said. "I mean, it's just sad that two families had to be put in something this tragic."

McCoy-Lee was spotted at a gas station Tuesday, driving Norris' car. It was the same car he was driving when McCoy-Lee tried to kill Spencer on Tuesday and the car in which he took his own life behind the Liberty Commons Mall.

“It doesn't seem real, everything that happened," McDole said. "It seems like it should have been in a movie."

Before he killed himself, McCoy-Lee wrote a post on Facebook saying, "body across from 8503 Hillcrest road, damn gun jammed." That's where police found Norris' body.

“I wish both families the best, and I hope she can move on from it later on down the road,” McDole said of Spencer.

Fox 4's Melissa Stern spoke to Norris' father on the phone Thursday, and he said the family isn’t quite ready to talk about what happened yet -- but maybe in a few weeks when they’ve had time to process everything.