Family flees from fire, losing home just days before Christmas

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NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Smoke filled a home in the metro Saturday morning. The family inside made a mad dash from the flames as first responders came to the rescue.

Several firefighters were injured and a family lost their home just days before Christmas.

"I could smell the smoke. I didn`t think it was real at first because my sister just lost her house last year to a fire," Candace Morris said.

"I actually was asleep when it happened and I woke up to my aunt Carol screaming at the top of her lungs "fire!" My cousin got me up and I didn`t really know what to think," Candace's son Brendan said.

Candace Morris and her son had to watch their home go up in flames just two days before Christmas.

Candace said it was a full house when the fire started. Two children and four grandchildren were staying at her parents' home when the fire woke them up.

"We think it`s electrical. It started near the washer and dryer," Candace said.

Starting at the basement then spreading to the attic, the smoke could be seen from miles away.

Video taken by neighbors shows the flames spreading the the home. Meanwhile, the fire department had to use a fire hydrant down the block to fight the flames.

"I`m not sure if the plug is dry in front of the house down there or if there was hello pressure, it was one or the other. So they dropped a 12 inch line in front of the fire hydrant in front of my house," neighbor Jeff Bricker said.

Jeff Bricker was watching the fire from down the street. He says many of the neighbors stepped up to help support the family.

"If you could have seen the flames shooting from the top of the house, it was definitely a full loss I`m sure," Bricker added.

Candace Morris said while they could not salvage most of their Christmas gifts, the Red Cross is now helping them find a temporary place to spent the holiday.

"It doesn`t matter right now," Brendan said.

"We`ll get through it, right?" Candace said as she gave him a hug.

It's a small gift in the middle of this massive fire.

In total, three people were sent to the hospital. Police said two firefighters got hurt trying to connect the hose of a fire hydrant. A third person living in the home was sent to the hospital after she fell and hit her head.

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