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Christmas Card Lane holiday tradition slowly fading away in Olathe neighborhood

OLATHE, Kan. – A holiday tradition in one Olathe neighborhood is slowly fading away.

For decades, neighbors living in the Mission Ridge subdivision went all out for Christmas.

“It was the place to go to in Olathe,” said Judy Eyer, who has lived in Mission Ridge since 1997.

Chances are if you drove down East Butterfield Place, East Frontier Lane and East Sleepy Hollow — also known as Christmas Card Lane — during the holiday season, you gasped in awe of the decorations.

“We had buses going through, limos going through, and lots of cars,” said Eyer.

People flocked to the neighborhood to look at the giant Christmas cards, the luminaries lining the front yards and the holiday lights and displays; it’s one of the reasons the Eyer family moved to the subdivision.

“It used to be beautiful,” Eyers reminisced. “It really was.”

However, this year many homeowners decided not to participate in the holiday tradition, leaving dark areas along the drive.

“We were hoping that there would be more lights this year but there really hasn’t been,” said Eyer. “I think people really don’t have traditions like that anymore.”

Eyers added that many of the older neighbors have passed away and the neighborhood is changing.

“The older ones who lived here were more willing to decorate and, you know, be a part,” said Eyer. “You know now, sometimes I don’t even know some of the people who live in the neighborhood."

Eyer wished some of her neighbors would add just a little bit of festive cheer to their yards during the holidays.

“I always say it doesn’t take much to put up a sting of lights on the bushes and stuff,” said Eyer.

Eyer said many of the homeowners that participate in making Christmas Card Lane a reality put their decorations up by Thanksgiving night; they come down shortly after New Year’s. There is no cost to see the decorations.