Salvation Army volunteers take to the streets to help the homeless on a bitter cold Kansas City night

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- While most of the metro had their heaters on overdrive, there are some people with no real way to keep warm.

The Salvation Army went from underpass to underpass Tuesday night looking for homeless people living under bridges or in tents.

Volunteers stocked an Emergency Disaster Services truck with supplies to try to help people stay warm. They loaded up hats, gloves, socks and the few remaining blankets in the warehouse to distribute along with a hot meal and drink.

“We got spaghetti in here, and we are getting ready to have some hot chocolate," Qayyim Durant said.

Durant has been helping the homeless by volunteering with the Salvation Army for almost 25 years. His heart breaks on nights like Tuesday.

“I don’t know who all we’ll see out here today, but I know it will be somebody," he said. "It’s awfully cold out there."

Before the truck even got out of the garage, someone was waiting for anything to help them fight the bitter cold.

“People are doing the best they can to stay warm out there tonight," Durant said. "A lot of people either didn’t make it in a shelter or don’t want to. Either way they are out here."

At the first scheduled stop, nearly two dozen people left the fire they’d created to try to keep warm to head to the truck full of supplies. After only about a minute in the cold, Durant realized he had a problem -- the ink in his pen was frozen.

“It’s cold out here tonight, coldest it’s been in a long time," he said.

Durant had a tough time logging all the people he helped, but that didn't keep him and his crew of volunteers from their deliveries.

“It helps them for the night," he said. "Some of them got a tent to go into; some of them don’t."

The Salvation Army is currently seeking donations of gently used blankets.