Update: Florida couple visiting Lee’s Summit says they’ve found their missing pup who ran off when spooked by train

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. – A Florida couple visiting the metro has been frantically searching for their missing puppy who ran off Saturday. Fox 4's Zac Summers just received a message from Brittany Green, who said they've found Daisy. Fox 4 will update this story with more details, as we learn more from her.

Original story:

Brittany Green and Brett Kreikemeier brought their two dogs with them to visit relatives in Lee’s Summit for the holidays. The couple’s lab mix, Daisy, ran away one day after they arrived.

“She got scared of the train, we think, and she ran out of the doggy door and nudged her way through a fence opening,” Green said.

Daisy, a Florida couple's missing dog

Daisy has never been in snow or even Missouri, Green said, adding that the puppy is “very timid and scared right now.”

The couple has distributed 1,000 posters to try to find Daisy. They also have several food trails and have left clothes on their vehicle in hopes that Daisy will pick up their scents.

“I mean, we feel like we’ve done everything, and so this is our last resort,” Green said, pointing to a catch trap.

On Wednesday, the Lee’s Summit Animal Control Division set up three traps, stocked with food and blankets, near sewer drains. The couple believes the 1-year-old puppy might be seeking shelter in the drains in the area of N.E. Main and Vine streets.

“We’ve gotten about five leads,” Kreikemeier said. “A couple of calls we’ve received have been people saying that they’ve seen her, but she ran off, and they don’t know where to, which is tough.”

The couple said the latest sighting of the Daisy was Tuesday and most of the sightings have been after nightfall.

“With her being skittish and shy, the dark is obviously colder, but it’s better for her,” Kreikemeier said.

Although the last four days have been stressful for the couple, they said the support from the community has been overwhelming.

“It’s like a team effort,” Green said. “We’re all trying to bring her home together. It’s not just us. It’s like the entire Lee’s Summit. It’s just amazing.”

Kasey Smith saw a post about Daisy on Facebook and has been volunteering her time to help find the puppy.

“Lee’s Summit is a fantastic community, and they respond to stuff like this," she said. "(Brittany’s) put her heart and soul out there, especially because it’s the holidays, and it’s so cold out."

The couple plans to be in the area until Saturday but said that might change if they can’t find Daisy. She doesn't have tags or a collar on, but she does have a microchip.

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