Florida couple grateful for community support after missing dog found safe by Lee’s Summit neighbor

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. – A Florida couple was reunited with their dog Thursday, after it had been missing in the metro for five days.

Brittany Green and Brett Kreikemeier, along with their two dogs Daisy and Lily, were visiting family in Lee’s Summit for the holidays. Daisy, a lab mix, was frighten by a train on Saturday and ran out a doggy door and through an opening in the fence.

But thanks to a neighbor, Daisy is home safe.

Brittany Green and Brett Kreikemeier reunited with Daisy

“I'm just really happy to have her back home and know that she’s safe and not hurt,” said Green, cuddling with the puppy on the couch.

Daisy was spotted Thursday afternoon by an observant neighbor, just six blocks from where her owners were staying.

“While we’re searching, I got a call from a random stranger, and he said that his gate was open and that she had ran into the yard and he went and locked her in the backyard,” Green said.

That stranger was 20-year-old James Meyers, and he recognized Daisy from a poster that was stapled to a utility pole.

“We just can’t thank him enough,” Green said. “If he wasn’t home, who knows? She probably wouldn’t have been found.”

Meyers’ dad, Jacob Meyers, witnessed the reunion.

“They were very emotional,” Meyers said. “The girl was crying. They had another dog I think they said was the sister dog. It ran up to it and knew who it was. It was a good thing.”

Green and Kreikemeier's older dog, Lily, also played an instrumental part in reuniting the couple with their younger puppy.


“Lily walked up to (Daisy) and they recognized each other, and it was a lot easier to get ahold of her,” Kreikemeier said.

Despite being outside in freezing temperatures, Daisy appeared to be happy and healthy. The couple plans to take her to the veterinarian when they return to Florida on Saturday.

“She’s doing great,” Green said. “I mean, she looks awesome on the outside. She doesn’t have any cuts. Her paws are perfectly fine.”

For now, the couple said they’re going to give their little “fighter” a bath and spoil her.

Kreikemeier added Daisy’s safe return couldn’t have been possible without the help and encouragement of the community.

“It was so much easier to keep motivated, to not give up when everyone else was on our side and kept giving us positive messages and tips,” he said. “Thank you.”

“We just can’t thank the community enough,” Green said. “I mean, I can’t even express it in words because everybody was just so helpful and so great to us. I don’t know why, but it was amazing and very overwhelming, and we’re just very happy to have had everybody on our side.”

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