From frozen pipes to no heat, Arctic-like temperatures cause problems for KC families

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Families across the metro experienced fallout from the Arctic-like temperatures Monday.

Blue Collar Heating And Cooling Contractor Bret Moyer wasn’t planning to work on New Year’s Day, but when his phone kept ringing, the heating and cooling contractor loaded up.

“This would be my fifth call today, and one more after this one," Moyer said. "And probably one more after that one.”

Rebecca Ramos heard a crash the night before and thought it was a break-in.

“It just shattered, glass was all the way over there to the couch. Cold and heat; doesn’t work well together!” she said.

Shortly after the backdoor window burst, the heat went out.

“We just kind of started freaking out for the kids.” Ramos said.

After she and her husband wrapped their toddlers in blankets, the whole family ended up huddled in one bed.

“We just brought them in bed with us, and so we just kind of snuggled and had a family slumber party last night," the KC mom said.

Moyer found a clogged hose, an inducer motor full of water and a filter in deep need of a change.

“Your house can fall very fast in these arctic temperatures that we’re having here," Moyer said. "Your house falls below 32 degrees, your pipes could start freezing.”

That’s exactly what he found at another house -- icicles in the shower.

It’s not the way this Northland family expected to start 2018.

“So we had everyone bundled up, and we were sweeping and mopping all the glass," Ramos said. "It was a crazy night. Great New Years!”

Moyer said most of his calls were on things that could’ve been prevented with regular maintenance. He recommends replacing, or at least checking, your furnace filter once a month.