In preparation of their ‘Tropical Week’ KC Zoo brings ruby macaw by Fox 4 studio

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- FOX 4's monthly "Zoo To You" segment is full of fun and facts. Each month a member of the Kansas City Zoo brings an animal by the studio and shares what makes them so unique. On Tuesday, Jan. 2 Sean Putney brought a ruby macaw.

According to Sean these types of bird have two claws in the front and two in the back to make it easy to climb along branches. He also said they often rely only on their beak and their tongue to eat.

Watch the video above to learn more about ruby macaws.

Fun events happening at the zoo:

  • Tropical Weekend
  • Gentoo and King Penguin March
  • Zootastik Learning Fest-Camels, Goats, Llama and Donkeys

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