New trash service leaves Belton and Raymore residents waiting on bins

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BELTON, Mo. – Linda Bane isn’t only fighting the cold as she makes her routine trip to the dog park. She's also fighting some excess clutter around the Markey Park parking lot.

“That would be nice to not have the bins in the lot but they always leave room to park,” she said.

Instead of sitting outside of Belton homes, hundreds of trash cans are stacked up in the lot, waiting to be delivered. Leaving Bane, and so man other residents, with a simple question.

“When am I going to get my dumpsters at home?” Bane said.

However the answer isn’t as simple. Trash services for Belton and Raymore were shifted to Jim’s Disposal Services at the start of the year but a few delays have left many without nearly 30,000 trashcans for their homes.

“I don`t have a great amount of trash because I live alone so it isn`t a huge impact for me but I`m sure if you have a big family and you`re trying to corral all of your trash without a bin that it might be a little more awkward,” Bane said.

A feeling that has taken a toll on Belton resident, and father of three, Daniel Prettyman.

“Less room and it`s more disgusting inside the house. Having to keep the bags inside instead of keeping them outside on the curb where it looks unprofessional.” Prettyman said, “We still don`t have our cans and I`m having to use my personal cans for my trash and it`s making it kind of hard on us.”

And the idea that his neighborhood will be without proper bins for most of the month isn’t making things easier.

“I think it`s just filthy. I used to, back in the day, grow up and we lived rough and now it feels like we have to go back to that way. It`s very frustrating especially with three kids who like to get into everything,” he said.

While it isn’t an ideal situation, and a temporary one, Bane is happy she hasn’t had to walk through any significant messes on her way to the park.

“We do have possums and racoons around but so far they haven`t made any messes that I`ve seen. Thank goodness,” she saind.

Statement from Jim’s Disposal Services President and CEO Chuck Byrd:

“Trash carts were delayed for both Belton and Raymore do to production issues of carts and dealing with frigid temperatures for assembly and distribution to both municipalities currently Raymore has 75 to 80% of their carts delivered and Belton will start right after. All trash and recycling will be picked up per the contract with or without carts until all carts are in place which we anticipate both municipalities being finished by mid January .”

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