Puppies rescued after being abandoned at construction site near UMKC

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Puppies were abandoned in the freezing cold, left in a box by the UMKC campus.

The puppies are in good hands thanks to a Good Samaritan. Chain of Hope is now taking care of the six puppies left in a box in the bitter cold.

Luckily, a construction worker found them before it was too late.

Chain of Hope said that construction worker called them after he saw a man dump the puppies.

Chain of Hope has been taking care of them ever since.

The man was working at a construction site near the UMKC campus when he saw it happen, but did not catch the license plate number of the driver who left the box of puppies.

“The city charges $20 a head to drop off, and people don`t have that kind of money, so they just set them down in a box, or call us, or you know, just dump them some place, so it is a huge problem,” said Judy Kerns, with Chain Of Hope.

The puppies have been vaccinated and will be available for adoption in the upcoming weeks.

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