Residents angry after entire town of Norborne, Mo., loses water for two days

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NORBORNE, Mo. -- Norborne, Missouri, is a small town of about 700 people. The town, about 60 miles northeast of Kansas City, has one traffic light, one main store and one huge problem that’s left Cody Hilsinger seeing red.

“I’m just about ready to pull my hair out because I have a 4-month-old son, and I have not been able to keep him satisfied," the new mom said. "I can’t keep his bottle filled fast enough, and I can’t keep water in his formula quick enough."

The small town was without water for at least two nights. That put a big freeze on business at Casey’s, the only store in Norborne.

Hilsinger and other angry residents said they reached their boiling points because they couldn’t bathe their babies, take showers or do the dishes since the water was out.

Town leaders said a pipe froze Tuesday night at Norborne’s Water Treatment Plant.

“It’s extremely tough," Hilsinger said. "I mean, I just got a headache. I can’t shower and when you have a little one, you have to draw the line at some point. I just want my water!”

“I have four kids at home, and it’s just been a very big inconvenience for all of us, too," Casey Luster said. "School’s canceled Thursday, and we all just want to take showers."

By late Wednesday, the frozen pipe had been fixed and water was starting coming back on at Norborne City Hall and at Casey’s.

Now, Hilsinger can only pray she’s next.

“I can’t keep up with my baby’s laundry," she said. "We can’t call Grandma and say, 'Hey, can we come over and use your washing machine?' I just want that water back on as soon as possible."

In the meantime, town leaders estimate the boil water advisory in Norborne may last 36-48 hours.

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