Independence neighbors on the lookout for mail thieves

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Residents in the metro area are on the lookout for a pair of mail thieves. Homeowners in several neighborhoods said a man and a woman riding in a white four-door sedan have been spotted going through multiple mailboxes and taking people's mail.

“A neighbor down the street here was leaving for a job in a heating and cooling van and he noticed a car stopped and remove mail from a mailbox, so he wrote down the number and alerted his neighbor and he posted on Nextdoor, and that’s where I saw it. So I went to my camera footage to see if I could find something there, and I did find some pictures,” said homeowner Ronald Grant.

The car seen in his surveillance footage matched a description from multiple neighbors.

“He was seen in another neighborhood doing the same thing and I think there are about four neighborhoods all together that car was seen in,” said Grant.

He posted about this in the Nextdoor neighborhood app and on Facebook to warn neighbors, and quickly discovered he wasn’t alone.

“I was driving up the street and I saw a man standing here with a white car next to him pulling mail out of the box, which isn’t unusual, and then I realized he was on the wrong side of the box,” said Rebecca Wilkerson.

“Both doors were open and the man was just standing here pulling the mail out of the box and passing it to whoever was in the car with him,” she added.

She immediately called police to alert them of the crime.

“We’re all scared and concerned, most, a lot of people have direct deposit so they’re not necessarily stealing our checks but they’re taking our social security numbers, our, not my disability or social security checks but it could be those of our neighbors,” said Wilkerson.

Both homeowners we spoke with said they are big proponents of using social media as a tool to reduce crime in their neighborhoods.