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Northland laundromat owners say they’re fed up after string of recent break-ins

LIBERTY, Mo. – Laundromat owners in the metro are fed up with the person that keeps targeting their businesses.

At least five laundromats have been burglarized since Nov. 26. They include Nashua Laundromat, Splash Laundry, Vivion West Laundry, Grandview Laundry, and Liberty Laundry.

Russ and Lynn Hylton own Liberty and Vivion West Laundry. Their Liberty location alone has been targeted three times.

“He doesn’t care,” Russ said. “He doesn’t care who sees him. He doesn’t care what damage he does. He doesn’t care.”

Security footage from inside the Hylton’s business shows a man prying his way into a coin machine. The most recent break-in was on Saturday, Dec. 30 but was unsuccessful

“He was here the first time and was unsuccessful,” said Lynn. “He came back the second time. He was successful. So, he came back a third time and wasn’t successful, but he knows what he’s up against.”

Following the second break-in, the Hyltons beefed up security, adding a high-security locking system on the change machine. It was effective but the Hyltons said the extra expenses are hurting their bottom dollar.

“It’s a lot of money out of our pockets, and it’s a lot of money that we’re having to spend on extra security that we never did before,” Russ said.

The Hyltons are now working together with several other laundromat owners, whose businesses have been hit, to catch the culprit.

“We’re just trying to raise our families on our jobs and he just comes in here and takes what he wants,” Lynn said.

A public information officer for the Liberty Police Department said there is a possibility the string of break-ins are connected and that they are talking with other agencies in the metro. If you recognize the man in the surveillance video, call Liberty PD at (816) 439-4701.