Kansas man starts political action committee to support potential Oprah Winfrey presidential campaign

BALDWIN CITY, Kan. -- She’s known worldwide as “The Queen of All Media.”

After Oprah Winfrey's acceptance speech at Sunday night's Golden Globe awards, people across the United States have been abuzz about the possibility that the media mogul might run for president in 2020.

She might not have expected immediate support from tiny Baldwin City, Kansas: home to around 5,000 voters.

This isn't about money. It's about encouragement and an effort to change U.S. politics. That's what Baldwin City Council member A.J. Stevens told FOX 4 News.

Back in October, Stevens established OprahforPOTUS.org. It's a political action committee meant to encourage Winfrey, the retired talk show host, to run for the presidency in 2020.

“A new day is on the horizon,” Winfrey said from the Golden Globes stage, part of an inspirational address meant to empower American women.

Stevens, a registered Republican, who was appointed to office in July, said he appreciates the appeal Winfrey packs as a potential candidate. He believes her ideas could appeal to many voters across the populace, and even though she’s a Democrat, he feels she’s capable of unifying Americans, whereas other politicians have not.

“She carries herself with dignity and I think it would be a nice fit in the White House,” Stevens said on Tuesday afternoon.

Since Sunday's televised speech, Stevens said the website and Twitter page for his PAC have gathered glitter.

President Donald Trump recent commented that he’s a fan of Winfrey, having appeared on her former talk show as a guest, but he felt he would beat her at the polls, should she choose to run.

Stevens said some support he’s receiving comes from his fellow Republicans, who, according to Stevens, aren’t satisfied with President Trump or
the current state of the GOP.

“Prior to President Trump being elected, I probably wouldn't have started this PAC, but it's all changed now,” Stevens said. “Oprah fits that, just the same as President Trump did. I think she would bring a different approach.”

FOX 4 News reached out to Winfrey via her representatives at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, as well as her Twitter feed, but there was no reply.

Retired Johnson County Republican party Vice-President Doris Riley said Stevens is doing this at the risk of upsetting the conservatives who elected him.

“He’s a Republican, and he likes Oprah. That’s up to his voters to handle. Not me,” Riley said Tuesday. “Whether Oprah runs or not, or she's just putting her name out there? Who knows? It's all in the media now. We'll see.”

“We're still a while away if she should choose to run. At that point, we would shut our PAC down,” Stevens said.

So far, Stevens said his PAC has generated a few hundred bucks for Winfrey's efforts, but he admits, Oprah doesn't need the money, since, like President Trump, she's a billionaire already. However, she does need support from voters, and the attention the PAC is getting is more valuable than cash.

Stevens said if Winfrey chooses not to run or she were to run and lose, he'd refund contributions to the PAC's supporters after recouping his expenses.

He said he's never met Oprah personally, and he wasn’t a regular viewer of her former show, which ended production in 2011. Federal law prohibits him from socializing with Winfrey, so long as he's running this PAC for her potential campaign.