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Neighbors warn drivers after 2 rollover crashes at same dangerous curve in 2 days

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Residents near a winding stretch of road in Kansas City urge drivers to take caution after two rollover vehicle crashes occurred in two days, near the same sharp curve.

“I heard it before it happened; I was coming out to my car and heard the boom,” said Shawn Green, who works near the crash site.

Green says when she came outside her job to see what happened, she discovered the crash was even worse than it sounded.

“When I got up there, I just prayed that the person was alright, it looked like there was no way they could have survived,” said Green.

The crash she witnessed involved a female driver who did survive the crash. Those who live nearby say they’ve witnessed a number of crashes near E.87th and Military Club Road in Kansas City in the past few days.

“People had to come out and help and the fire trucks and stuff came. It`s just always accidents on this road,” said Green.

Don Schell has lived along Military Club Road for nearly 70 years. He says in that time he has seen dozens of accidents and slide-offs.

“I saw one one time when a lady was coming this way from down in Knobtown and she slid clear around the corner and hit a guy head on,” said Schell.

He believes speed and driver inattention cause most of these crashes.

“About every day and it`s usually people speeding and usually they miss a curve between here and the old brick plant,” Schell explained.

Speed limits on that road vary between 10 and 25 miles an hour in most spots.

“Drivers should drive slow, it says 25 miles an hour like I said, I go 10,” said Green.

Some say poor lighting and unfamiliarity with the road can contribute to the number of crashes in this area as well.

“It`s not as well lit as it should be, there`s not a lot of street lighting out here, it`s narrow,” said Green.

“When there`s bad weather, the road conditions are bad and it`s not a lot of room, there`s no shoulders,” she adds.

With rain and freezing temperatures expected Wednesday night and Thursday morning, some people worry the potential for crashes on this already dangerous road could become even worse.

Neighbors say they would like to see the city add more lights and more guardrails in this area to help the problem.