Comical video shows just how NKC schools landed its first snow day of 2018

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A comical video added to YouTube Thursday shows how North Kansas City Schools arrived at their decision to cancel classes as icy conditions loomed over the metro.

The video starts by showing Superintendent Dan Clemens sitting at a desk with two options in front of him — snow day or no snow day. As he appears to debate his options, a group of students pop in with a list of pros and cons.

According to the students, the pros of canceling classes include, “too much snow, very¬†icy roads, cold temperatures, we don’t wanna go and would rather sleep.”

They struggled to come up with cons and only listed, “Probably? Who cares.”

At one point a student even held up cold, hard cash and gave the camera a sly look as she attempted to slide it to Clemens. Clemens rejected her offer.

Then just as Clemens appeared to have made his decision — no snow day–¬† students taped his hands to the desk and made the decision for him. Their decision — a snow day.