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In KCMO, responsibility for clearing ice and snow from sidewalks falls to property owners

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Clearing ice and snow from slippery sidewalks is every property owner’s job in KCMO.

Although fines for a treacherous walkway can reach $100, city officials say it’s usually handled with a reminder.

“We don’t have inspectors who go around looking for sidewalks,” said Chris Hernandez, the city's communications director. “It’s like all other code enforcement in the city. If we get a call in to the 311 center, then it can trigger some enforcement action.”

Kansas City isn't alone in putting the duty on home and business owners for clearing ice and debris from sidewalks on their property.

Many towns and cities in the region -- and across the nation -- have similar ordinances on the books.

“Kansas City is a city of good neighbors, so it’s the neighborly thing to do, to make sure you’re clearing your sidewalk when we’re having snow and ice,” Hernandez said.

City officials said they’re counting on citizens to be their eyes and ears with slippery walkways and urge people to report unsafe conditions to the city’s 311 call center.