Lee’s Summit gym hosts benefit event for firefighters

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LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- Firefighters face a lot of obstacles to do their job. Running into burning buildings, wielding millions of gallons of water in sub-freezing temperatures, and... dirty clothes?

In 2013, the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health noted firefighters had higher rates of several kinds of cancer than the general population.

On Saturday, more than 30 people lifted weights to work up a sweat, and about 30 more lifted a few fingers in a silent auction.

Jill Foster was one of those lifting weights.  "We're here today to raise money for the Kansas City fire department."

You see, Grant Foster (no relation to Jill) trains several fire fighters at his Better You Fitness gym in Lee’s Summit.  Those fire fighters told him they needed laundry money.

"And I used to think it was the coolest thing ever when I was a kid," said Grant Foster, "'Oh, he’s got dirt all over him, that’s awesome!' But come to find out, it’s actually really dangerous for them."

He continued, "after going into fires and being around all the contaminants, there’s a lot of carcinogens and things of that nature that wind up on their uniforms.  And they’ve got to clean those."

But those coats and pants won’t fit into any ol’ Maytag.  They need special machines, which can cost $5,000 to $6,000 each.

Saturday morning, Better You Fitness raised about $4,000, and raised the bar on what a gym can do.

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