2 heads saved this rare Missouri snake from untimely death

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A rare two-headed snake is on public display at the Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery in Branson.

The juvenile Western ratsnake, which is not venomous, was discovered under a house in Hurley.

The Springfield News-Leader reports the snake went of display at the Hatchery Friday. It’s still not clear if the snake is male or female.

John Miller, a manager at the hatchery, says so far the snake is healthy, growing and has shed its skin twice. When it’s full grown, it will be about 6 feet long.

Miller says both of the snake’s heads can eat, so the rest of its body is like any other snake.

Western ratsnakes — formerly known as black ratsnakes — are common throughout Missouri. Miller says they are valuable because they eat rodents.