Liberty mom frustrated, afraid after burglar breaks into her home while she sleeps

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LIBERTY, Mo. – A Liberty mother can't find comfort in her own home after police said a burglar broke in while she and her daughters slept.

“It's not a safe world out there," Lisa Griffin said. "I live in little Liberty, and I've lived here a year and a half. And I've never been scared, and now I'm scared."

Griffin said she hasn’t felt safe since last Sunday after she noticed several items, including her wallet, were missing.

“I went upstairs to go to the restroom, and I came back down and realized I could feel a breeze," she said. "So I looked into the kitchen and felt a breeze coming through, and the backdoor was open. I shut it and locked it and thought my daughters had let the dogs out or had just gone outside.”

But after talking with her daughters about the door and the missing items, fear began to sink in.

“So in the morning I chewed them out," Griffin said. "They said they didn’t do it, and I was looking for my wallet in the morning, could not find it. The girls said, ‘Mom, it was on the kitchen table with the bags.’ It wasn’t there so I just thought I picked it up and put it somewhere else. I thought I had just misplaced it and then the girls starting arguing over a little computer that we had, that they played games on, on the couches. My daughter said, ‘Mom, that was plugged in on Sunday night on the couch, and it’s missing.’ So I started putting two and two together… The back door was open, my wallet was on the kitchen table, and that was sitting right there on the couch.”

It's a trend that Griffin learned local police and neighbors have seen more of.

“My neighbors saw a man jump a fence over Christmas break, look in their windows, and they were in there. He went to the next house and looked in the back window but did not call the police,” Griffin said.

Griffin said the crime has rocked her family and her peace of mind.

“I'm a struggling mom with kids, and you people just take whatever you want," she said. "They just go into families' houses and scare people. I don't even know what to say that they think it's OK to break into someone's house and to scare children."

Anyone that see’s suspicious activity in their neighborhood should call local police immediately.

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