Local bus company shares tips to keep you and your student safe at the bus stop during winter weather

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Wednesday marks the first day back to school for many students this week, and it is going to be an extremely cold one for students who have to wait for the bus.

Students need to dress appropriately for the weather to prevent cold-related injuries. That means putting on the heavy jackets, hats, gloves and warm boots.

Several districts have a text messaging system that warns when a bus is going to be more than 10 minutes late. But bus companies suggest that parents who wait with their children at the bus stop, keep them in the car as long as possible.

Bus companies also say it's important for parents to talk with their children about waiting a safe distance from the bus stop because roads can be slick this time of year. They also suggest using a handrail to prevent falling on  icy, wet steps.

Also bus companies ask that parents remind children to avoid horseplay in the snow or ice near the bus stop because they could accidentally slide into  the street.

Finally, bus companies ask that students remember to wait for an all-clear before crossing to get on the bus so the driver can make sure he sees them.