Northland residents frustrated by city’s lack of plowing on icy residential streets

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Ice is still covering large portions of city roads in the Northland, and residents say they've been dealing with the issue for quite some time.

"Whenever you're out on the main roads, everything is fine and hunky dory," Kyle Hinton said. "Then you get onto the side roads, and you got to pay attention and slow things down a bit."

In the two years Hinton has lived in his Northland neighborhood near 106th Terrace and Grand Avenue, he's learned not all roads are cleared equally.

Hinton said unlike major roads around his home, ice and snow still cover a lot of residential streets. That's something Beth Breitenstein said the city has been trying to clear up.

"Our primary road program uses dump trucks on about 3,500 lane miles of primary roads, and then we have about 3,000 lane miles of neighborhood streets that are done in pickup trucks," she said.

There's a lot to plow, but Breitenstein said city crews are up to the task.

But although some Northland neighbors are frustrated, Terry Stevens said it's better now than it once was.

"This is essentially nothing," he said. "It's been a lot worse at other times, and we've got a lot more winter to go, and I'd rather not see the city use up all of its resources for what's relatively a minor inconvenience."

Stevens' advice? Don't be shy with the salt.

"That salt sticks around, and it does work," he said.