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As investigation continues, party says Mo. Gov. Eric Greitens is not resigning

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Speculation is swirling in the Capitol Friday that Gov. Eric Greitens may soon resign.

Those involved in state government say they're bracing themselves for anything.

Some claim there was supposed to be an announcement at noon Friday.

That didn't happen. Others say a resignation letter already is in the hands of the secretary of state's office. Again, neither report appears to be true.

Todd Graves, the chairman of the Missouri Republican Party told FOX 4 in an email Friday morning that reports of Greitens' impending resignation are: "Just another false rumor someone has started."

The former U.S. Attorney wrote: "It isn't happening."

But those statements have done little to diminish talk of a leadership change.

The governor is accused of physically assaulting a former mistress

and using nude photos of the woman duct taped to some exercise equipment to compel her to remain silent about the affair.

Reporters from across the state are monitoring the lieutenant governor's office and secretary of state's office. If a resignation were to occur these two public offices should be able to confirm it first.