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Las Vegas police release preliminary report; say no evidence of ‘conspiracy theory’ or accomplices in mass shooting

Image courtesy of NDN

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Authorities provided an update Friday on the investigation into October’s mass shooting at a Jason Aldean concert on the Las Vegas Strip.

Nearly four months after the massacre, the inquiry into the largest mass shooting in modern American history is still mired in questions; chief among them: Why did Stephen Paddock do it? On Friday, they said they still could not definitively provide that answer.

Fifty-eight people were killed and hundreds of others were injured October 1 when police say Paddock — using high-powered rifles to shoot out of his hotel room window — targeted people attending an outdoor country music festival. He then killed himself.

Several of the people killed by Paddock.

Click here to read the preliminary report from the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. 

Congressman pushes conspiracy theory

On Thursday night, a US congressman told Fox News that “nothing is adding up” in the investigation, before pushing a conspiracy theory without providing evidence to back up his claim.

“Recently, I have been made aware of what I believe to be credible evidence or credible information regarding potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border regarding this incident,” Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania told Tucker Carlson.

During the news conference on Friday, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said the preliminary investigation has convinced him that no one other than Paddock was involved.

Following the attack, multiple ISIS communication channels claimed a “soldier of the Islamic State” carried out the attack, but gave no proof to support the claim. The FBI has said it has found “no connection with an international terrorist group.”

Catherine Lombardo, an attorney for victims of the Las Vegas shooting, also appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“I will ask, with all due respect, congressman, unless you have specific evidence it seems a bit irresponsible to make that allegation or make that assertion,” she said.

“If you do have any evidence of that,” Lombardo continued, “I’m asking you right now to share it with us and tell us what that is.”

“I’m not able,” Perry said, before repeating that he received what he believes to be “credible evidence of a possible terrorist nexus.”

‘There was no evidence of radicalization or ideology to support any theory that Paddock supported or followed any hate groups or any domestic or foreign terrorist organizations,’ the report says.

Lombardo also revealed that investigators found Paddock’s computer revealed an extensive search history for child pornography (page 47 of report), SWAT and tactical behavior. Lombardo said around the time of the shooting that Paddock ‘lost a significant amount of wealth’ and his financial situation had changed. Watch the news conference below: