Kansas man allegedly meets teen through Xbox Live, convinces her to send multiple nude photos

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas man is facing charges after he allegedly coaxed a young girl he met through an XBox Live game to send him nude photos on more than one occasion.

Prosecutors charged Evan Gurnee, from Oswego, Kan., Wednesday with second-degree promoting child pornography.

Court documents say Gurnee met the girl during an Xbox Live game then provided his cell phone number, and they began to text, call and later email each other. There were approximately 5551 text messages, which were often sexual, exchanged between Gurnee and the victim between June 14, 2017, and Aug. 17, 2017.

The online chat feature is meant for video game players to communicate while they're playing. However, police say it's also a place where young people should be careful since child predators are there, too.

"When they're online playing something like that, they're available to anybody in the world, and for anybody for them to contact and for them to be contacted by lots of people," Kansas City Police Sgt. Brad Dumit said. "They have no idea who they're talking to."

Gurnee claimed to be only 20 years old when texting the victim, but he was really less than a month away from his 23rd birthday. Gurnee told investigators that he knew the victim was just 14 years old when they first met online.

"It was clear the subject knew (the victim) was a minor," court documents said.

The victim's father reported the inappropriate conversations to the Kansas City Police Department on Aug. 21, 2017 after he and the victim's step-mother were made aware of the situation.

Gurnee was questioned in mid-November and told investigators that the victim emailed him photos of her bare chest as well as four to five nude body photos, which included her genitalia for his sexual gratification during the two months they were communicating.

According to the probable cause statement, Gurnee hid communication with the victim from his girlfriend. To prevent getting caught, Gurnee deleted the photos every night while at work. He said he knew his actions were illegal.

Prosecutors have requested that when Gurnee is taken into custody that his bond be set at $15,000 cash only.