Salvy puts Lorenzo Cain on speaker phone while on stage at FanFest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Throughout their years together as Royals, Salvador Perez was known for sneaking up on Lorenzo Cain with his phone and recording their hilarious antics. Cain signed a new contract with Milwaukee this week, but Salvy got in one last sneak attack — an impromptu conference call with all of Kansas City.

Up on the stage at Royals FanFest, Salvy called up LoCain and put him on speaker phone, holding up the microphone for everyone to hear.

“Say ‘hi’ to the fans in Kansas City. We gonna miss you, brother. We love you,” Salvy said, as fans cheered. “Everybody’s good here. We’re on the stage. You remember the FanFest?”

“Yeah, y’all at FanFest right now?” Cain asked.

“I’m on the stage. I got my phone on the speaker, so everybody hear you,” Salvy said.

At that point, Cain laughed out loud, realizing their conversation was being broadcast to the entire auditorium.

“Once again, you’re recording me, huh?” Cain said. “Let all the fans know that I love them. I miss them. My heart goes out to KC. It was a fun ride. It was a fun ride. And I definitely told myself I’m gonna miss all you guys.”