Four pedestrian crashes over the weekend, including two deadly hit-and-runs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- This past weekend proved to be a deadly one for pedestrians in Kansas City.

Since Friday afternoon, investigators have responded to four crashes involving pedestrians -- three were deadly. Two of those fatal crashes were hit-and-runs.

On Sunday, investigators were called near 37th and Prospect where 60-year-old Michael Martin of Kansas City, Mo., was killed after someone hit him and drove off.

“We know we had a vehicle that was probably going northbound and struck him but we don’t know if he was walking in the road or just crossing it,” said Sargent Deb Randol with the KCPD Accident Investigation Unit.

Randol said a woman, who did not see the crash, saw the man lying in the street and stopped to block the road. However, there were little to no witnesses or evidence left at the scene.

“We’re looking for that person and we want to find out what their side of the story is and see if there is any criminal negligence on their part; definitely leaving the scene of the accident is going to play into the part,” said Randol.

Just five miles south, at the intersection of U.S. 71 Highway and Gregory, 25-year-old Jyra Hill was killed by a different hit-and-run driver.

“I’m not really sure why the vehicle hit her and left the scene,” said Randol.

Hill’s family, in a Facebook message, told FOX4's Zac Summers that the young mother had left the house to get something to eat. She was walking in the crosswalk when she was hit.

“My baby’s life is gone because someone wasn’t paying attention,” messaged Shelley Riley. “My heart hurts.”

Randol said it’s never easy telling a family their loved one was killed by a reckless driver.

“How do you tell an 8-year-old the mom’s not coming home because someone chose to hit her in the street and leave the scene,” said Randol.

Randol said the victims in both cases were wearing dark clothes when they were hit. If you have any information on who might have hit them, call the Tips Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

In 2017, Kansas City had 99 fatalities on the road and more than 50 percent involved an impaired party, according to Randol.