Alex Smith hurls some heat at trash-talking radio host who questioned his arm strength

Sports guys love some good old fashioned trash talk, and sports talk radio hosts have made a career of it. They often spout their opinions for hours on end from the comfort of a studio, with the targets of their ire miles away.

But that was not the case Monday on the Dan Patrick Show, when Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith joined the guys in the studio.

The hosts had fun with Alex, but things got interesting when Dan Patrick told Smith his co-host McLovin “questions your arm strength.”

That’s when Smith decided to show McLovin just how hard he can throw.

The radio host donned a helmet and headed over to the other end of the studio to catch a pass from the NFL quarterback.

McLovin really tore into Alex Smith when Dan said “go back a little bit,” to which McLovin replied, “it’s not Mahomes. It’s Alex Smith. Shouldn’t I get closer?”

The hosts all had a laugh, but it was Alex who was laughing when he began to fire away at the trembling radio host, who ducked out of the way as Alex launched shots just above his head.

On the second throw, McLovin fell back and lost his helmet, failing to catch a single pass from Alex’s cannon.