Trump’s supporters and critics gather throughout metro to watch State of the Union

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- People throughout the metro gathered Tuesday night to watch President Donald Trump deliver his first State of the Union address.

Trump called for a "new American moment" of unity and challenged lawmakers to make good on long-standing promises to fix a dangerously fractured immigration system, warning of evil outside forces seeking to undermine the nation's way of life.

Like the rest of our divided nation, here in the Kansas City metro, some were happy with Trump's remarks while others were less than pleased.

It was a packed house inside Bier Station where around 100 people showed up for a watch party to hear the president speak.

The crowd was civil, but there was very little cheering during the president`s speech. Instead, you heard hissing and boos.

"This was full of lots of interesting thoughts and ideas but very little concrete specifics," one attendee told FOX4's Zac Summers.

The crowd especially didn't like the president taking credit for the low unemployment rate, getting rid of the Obamacare mandate or his jab at the National Anthem protests.

The event, put on by the nonpartisan group American Public Square, was meant to bring non-like-minded people together to have a civil conversation.

"It's not about changing minds," said Alana Muller with American Public Square. "It's not about saying, 'This is my perspective, and I want you to have it as well.' It`s more about me explaining what is my perspective and learning from you about your perspective, so we can have a better understanding of one another."

Despite the serious topic, the folks at Bier Station did try to have fun with the speech. There was a drinking game on each table, asking those who played to take a drink every time the president said words like "tremendous," "jobs" and "fake."

In Lawrence, members of KU's College Republicans organization were looking forward to Trump's speech.

They applauded loudly Tuesday night when Trump pushed for some of the same ideas that got him elected, mainly immigration reform.

Before the State of the Union, some of the College Republicans were calling voters for the group Americans for Prosperity. They were highlighting the president's accomplishments in the economy that he spent a lot of time talking about during his address.

At a campus of thousands of students, only a couple dozen gathered with the organization to watch the speech.

"A lot of times, especially here at KU, people look at Trump supporters as fascists or racists or whatever it may be coined or associated with the Trump presidency," Dylan Jones, KU College Republicans chairman, told FOX4's Dave D'Marko.

But in a year where nearly every tweet by the president has been up for criticism, the group of College Republicans said it was good to see Trump talk the economy, infrastructure and immigration.

"He may even go on Twitter the next morning and say something that completely unravels everything he said in his long speech," Jones said. "Most people aren't political, but they do tune into the State of the Union, and I think this is going to be a lot of people waking up to the fact this country is better in hands under Donald Trump."