30 law enforcement officers search Jackson County Detention Center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A coordinated joint search was conducted at the Jackson County Detention Center Wednesday morning.

About 30 personnel from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and the JCDC’s Corrections Emergency Response Team were involved in the joint initiative.

Dianna Turner, acting director of Jackson County Department of Corrections, and Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp both referred to this operation as a routine search.

Sheriff Sharp says jail staff contacted the sheriff's department after they received information about possible contraband in jail cells.  Jail staff said they needed help to conducting a successful search on such a large scale.

Wednesday's search took place on the seventh floor in four pods. This impacted about 65 inmates.

While Sheriff Sharp would not comment on what they are looking for or what's been found, he did say narcotic dogs were brought in to assist in the search.

Sheriff Sharp also said that the difference between this search and the others is that they weren’t looking at jail employees getting contraband into the cells. Jail staff was asking for help stopping inmates from obtaining contraband.

The FBI was not involved in this search.

You can replay the entire news conference in the video player below.

Persistent Problems at Jackson County Detention Center

In late November, a Jackson County Jail inmate allegedly brutally beat a jail guard. The beating left the guard fighting for his life.

Over the summer, several staff members walked off the job, leaving the jail shorthanded. Visitations were suspended, much to the dismay of friends and family who had expected a visit.

Frustrated family members said they had taken off work or left work early to be admitted as visitors.

The incident is still under investigation, but a source close to the investigation told FOX 4 the inmate was left locked up on a chair and was forgotten about. The inmate was eventually taken to a hospital, where he died.

No detention center staff members have been charged in that inmate's death, but others have been accused of wrongdoing in other incidents.

Andrew Lamonte Dickerson, 26, a correction officer, is accused of receiving $500 to smuggle two packs of cigarettes, a cell phone and a charger into the detention center. Dickerson then allegedly asked another informant if he'd be interested in paying him a monthly fee of $2,500 in exchange for being the only inmate on the 5th floor with contraband.

Jalee Caprice Fuller, 29, another correction officer, is accused of taking money bribes to smuggle contraband to inmates. Fuller allegedly made telephone calls and sent text messages to promote the conspiracy, and actually smuggled cell phones and other contraband to inmates at the detention center.

The man claims he was locked in a cell with human waste, raw sewage, feces and urine for nearly a month.

"Just because somebody has been charged with crime doesn't mean we strip away all human rights and human dignity. That`s really what this case is about: protecting the basic human rights of anyone charged with a crime," attorney Casey Symonds said.

Symonds says his client's pleas to have conditions corrected went unanswered, and though he offered to clean up the overflowing, malfunctioning toilet himself, he was offered no supplies to so except a mop and a bucket.

The Jackson County Legislature approved a resolution  to pay $275,000 to the claimant who accused the county of “negligent acts” after an investigation found that the inmates were able to get the keys after a guard had left the keys in a cell door.

FOX 4 will follow developments and decisions made about the Jackson County Detention Center.

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