7-year-old Belton boy who wants to be a policeman gets his own uniform from school resource officer

BELTON, MO - An unlikely officer is learning to protect and serve at Kentucky Trail Elementary School in Belton.

Seven-year-old Jackie McCubbins has always had a love for law enforcement, and he really looks up to his school resource officer, Rachel Pruitt. Jackie is constantly joking with Pruitt about "coming to get her" and "putting on a uniform."

This week the SRO surprised the young student with a uniform of his very own. Jackie has been patrolling the halls alongside his role model ever since.

“He was giggles and laughter and happy and thrilled. Words couldn't express how he felt,” Jackie’s mom Lona McCubbins said.

McCubbins said her son has ADHD and also has difficulty walking due to a degenerative bone condition that weakens his legs, ankles and feet. When he puts on the uniform, you would never know it.

Jackie loves nothing more than walking the halls in his new get up.

“That makes me feel really good that a Belton police officer went beyond and above her call of duty to not only interact with my son here at school, but she went above and beyond and got him a uniform, and he’s in love with it,” McCubbins said.

Pruitt said she didn’t expect any recognition out of this. She just saw an opportunity to connect with a cool kid.

“I feel like building relationships with these kids and figuring out their needs and being more of a positive influence, as opposed to them seeing us out and about and having to be a negative experience, is really great. I love it," she said. "It's very rewarding for me, and I hope that it's very rewarding for them as well."

Jackie has never visited a police station before. That's next on his list of things to do.