Free parking in City Market ends March 1

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Those who visit the City Market will soon have to pay to park.

Starting March 1, the lots surrounding City Market will no longer be free. It will cost $1 per hour to park Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.

The parking lot inside the City Market Square will be free – but only for two hours. After that, you could get ticketed and towed.

City Market parking changes

Kansas City officials say this decision was made as a way to try to regulate parking in these lots. Market workers say many people who work in other parts of town park in these free lots all day and take the street car to work. That leaves no parking spots for City Market employees, or those who come here to shop, eat and visit the Steamboat Arabia Museum.

Paying for parking will all be electronic – using a credit card in a meter.

Originally the city suggested charging $3 per hour, but City Market business owners feared that would drive away potential customers.