With flu running rampant, metro Catholic school cancels classes on Friday to disinfect building

LEAWOOD, Kan. -- The flu virus continues to be relentless around the country and is showing no signs of letting up. The illness has gotten so bad, it's now pushing a Johnson County private school to close Friday.

St. Michael the Archangel School in Leawood is supposed to be a fun, busy place right now.

"We had plans for family to come in for Catholic Schools Week, and there were probably going to be a lot of grandparents and stuff in the school," said Christa Krumm, who has a daughter in 5th grade at the school. "And they didn't feel like the conditions were safe enough to continue with that, so they had already postponed that."

The reason activities were pushed back is that the flu and other illnesses have been spreading through the school like wildfire.

Krumm's youngest daughter Lilly just went back to school Thursday after being out all week with influenza B.

"I actually took her to the emergency room because she woke up and she was showing, indicating she had signs of not having feeling in her arms and legs or being weak, and I just kind of panicked and didn't want to have to wait around for an urgent care to open," Krumm said.

Once the flu test came back positive, she raced all over town to find Tamiflu, which has at times been running in short supply because of the high number of flu cases.

"We started her on the medication, and she started feeling progressively better," Krumm said.

But this is the second time Lilly has been sick in the past two weeks. With so many other kids and staff under the weather, St. Michael's has been cleaning nonstop.

"They've been wiping it down, and there was an email from the principal that said they were fogging certain areas of the school at night," Krumm said.

Since that still hasn't helped slow the sickness, St. Michael's will close school Friday, doing a top to bottom disinfection and airing things out. The goal is to give everyone who's been down and out a break and hopefully get back to a healthier start again next week.

The school's principal hasn't said how many absences they've had this week.

Parents that FOX4 talked with acknowledge a day off school could be a headache, especially for working parents. But they're optimistic the time off and extra cleaning could finally help kick the flu to the curb.