KCK couple searching for help to get wheelchair ramp after shooting paralyzes husband

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- It's a hard life for a KCK husband and wife.

Most days it's a struggle just to leave the house. Convicted of aggravated assault, he's now also living as a victim of crime, and his wife is caught in the middle.

She’s asking for someone to overlook his past to make a huge impact on their future.

Tierra Williams helps lift her husband Damaine Jermaine Williams up the stairs to their home.

“They say I’ll never walk again,” Damaine Jermaine Williams said about what his doctors told him after he was shot.

It's something Tierra Williams knew about her husband before they got married.

The two were both injured in July. They had friends over when a man they didn't know got into a fight with Damaine.

Then the stranger pulled a gun and pointed it straight at the couple.

“I was shot in my stomach, which fractured my pelvis, and I was also shot in my hip,” Tierra said.

“A bullet ricocheted off of her driver’s door, which hit me in my femur, which shattered that," Damaine said. "So I have a rod from my thigh down so that kind of spun me around, then I got hit in my lower back.”

Tierra recovered. Damaine wasn't as lucky.

He was in a medically induced coma for eight days as Tierra waited for him to wake up.

Damaine Jermaine Williams

Once Damaine opened his eyes, they both knew they still wanted to be together -- even if their lives were changed. Damaine is now on disability, and Tierra takes care of him.

“It’s been pretty hard," Tierra said. "Sometimes I have back pain because I have to lift him in and out of the truck or lift him up and down the stairs. For one, he’s heavy, and since it’s been cold, snow has been on the ground. He hasn’t been able to actually get to doctors’ appointments on time. I’ve had to reschedule.”

With Damaine paralyzed from the waist down, the Williams’ knew they were in for a fight. But Tierra said she wasn't expecting the battle they now face.

“It hurts me because I can’t really just do it myself,” Damaine said.

The couple is already living without any heat or hot water, and their bills are mounting up.

Tierra Williams

On top of that, Tierra said they have contacted multiple charities to see if they can help build a wheelchair ramp just so she can get Damaine in and out of their home easily.

She says she's gotten a lot of nos.

Some organizations say they can't help because it would be too difficult and cost too much -- because the house is on such an incline and has a giant wall built around it.

“I just need help. Period. If anybody has the heart to help, me and my family appreciate it,” Damaine said.

FOX4's Melissa Stern has contacted multiple organizations on the Williams’ behalf. Most say they can build the ramp, but they just need someone who can tear the wall down first.

If you would like to help, or know someone who can, please email Melissa at Melissa.Stern@fox4kc.com. The couple has also started a Go Fund Me page.