Major construction will begin this weekend on I-70 and likely result in delays for drivers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A major stretch of interstate between Kansas City and KCK is about to shut down – and it will be two years before it reopens.

Starting at 10 p.m. Friday, Feb. 2, KDot will close westbound I-70 from Admiral Boulevard to 3rd Street in Kansas City, Kan., to place traffic control for the long-term closure past Broadway. This closure will include all ramps on or off the interstate between those points. This will remain closed until 5 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 4.

Starting Sunday at 5 a.m., crews will shut down I-70 past Broadway Boulevard to 3rd Street until Dec. 31, 2019. Ramps from Broadway Boulevard, Beardsley Road, and I-35 to I-70 westbound (in Missouri) will also close.

In addition ramps from I-70 westbound (in Kansas) to Minnesota Avenue, Washington Boulevard, and Fairfax Trafficway will closed for the next two years.

KDot says after the traffic control measures over the weekend are complete, Broadway and I-35 southbound will be accessible from I-70 westbound throughout the duration of the two-year construction.

I-70 east from KCK to Kansas City will remain open.

To get from Missouri to Kansas, you’ll need to use I-670 – several detours will be posted getting you around the downtown loop. Once across the river, use the Central Street exit on I-670 to get to downtown KCK.

Crews discovered structural problems with the Lewis and Clark Viaduct six years ago, but it took that long to raise the money to replace it.

Next month, they will demolish the bridge and then begin rebuilding it. It’ll take two years to complete this $64 million project.

More than 45,000  people drive downtown every day and with a major artery into KCK closed, traffic within the downtown loop could be congested at times.