Nordstrom leaving Oak Park Mall and moving to Country Club Plaza

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A big-name retailer announced Friday that they will close their Oak Park Mall location and move to a more central location in Kansas City.

Nordstrom says they will leave their location inside the Overland Park mall in 2021 and move to the Country Club Plaza. The idea is to keep serving customers until their new location is constructed and opens.

"We've been fortunate to be able to serve our customers in this market at Oak Park Mall for the past 20 years and look forward to offering them a new shopping experience at Country Club Plaza," said Jamie Nordstrom, president of stores for Nordstrom. "Kansas City continues to be a terrific market for us. We want to grow our business here, which means we need to invest in bringing our customers the best we have to offer when it comes to both our digital capabilities and our physical locations. By building a new store, we're excited to provide a new experience that makes shopping with us even more convenient."

There is no word on where the story will specially sit on the Plaza. There is also no word  on what will take the company's place inside Oak Park Mall.

A spokesperson for Oak Park Mall issued the following statement:

"Nordstrom has been an important part of Oak Park over the years, but we are excited about the opportunity to recapture this prime real estate for future redevelopment. The retail environment is changing rapidly and this decision provides us with an excellent opportunity to transform Oak Park for even greater success in the future.  Nordstrom will remain at Oak Park until 2021.  Between now and then, our team has ample time to evaluate various redevelopment scenarios in order to create the plan that makes the most sense for the market."

The mayor of Overland Park, Carl Gerlach, also released a statement:

"Overland Park has a tremendous partnership with CBL Properties, owners of Oak Park Mall," Mayor Carl Gerlach said Friday. "Although we have nearly three years before Nordstrom’s move to a smaller storefront, CBL has already begun evaluating alternative uses for the Nordstrom building. We look forward to working with CBL as plans unfold. Oak Park Mall is not only a premier retail center in the metropolitan area, but also in the nation and we have no doubt it will maintain that market position and continue to attract high-quality tenants moving forward."

Brick and mortar stores are looking at changing consumer demands, and the retail industry nationwide is responding by evolving traditional malls to add new uses and experiences, Gerlach added.

"The other night we had a communitywide meeting of residents, business leaders and visitors at the Imagine Workshop for ForwardOP. ForwardOP is a community visioning effort to look at the city 20-30 years in the future. Obviously, traditional retail operations are part of future considerations. What that may be will be discussed."