Six months after flash flooding in south KC elevators still not working at senior community

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some seniors in South Kansas City say their lives have been difficult for nearly six months because flooding damage to their apartment building has not been fully repaired.

Some older tenants say they're frustrated with their living conditions at the Willow Creek Apartments near 100th Terrace and Wornall Road.

Seniors at Willow Creek say they had to walk up and down up to three flights of stairs for four months because elevators in the building had not been repaired.

For older folks with walkers that's meant painfully navigating about 50 steps just to get in and out of their homes.

One tenant, who wants to be called Ann, because she's afraid of repercussions from the landlord, says she's had to move out for weeks at a time.

She says she often feels trapped in her apartment when she can't use the elevator.

"I was moved to another building where I was promised that there was no elevator problems ever in the building, and of course there is," Ann said. "Every winter for at least three to four months, there is elevator problems and I am handicapped. I can’t take the stairs. I can with help and it’s very painful for me to take the stairs. But they don’t care."

Ann also says the flooding is causing other health problems because waterlogged carpeting was never cleaned or replaced.

The city's neighborhoods and housing division confirms that a case remains open at Willow Creek related to water damaged ceilings and wall cracks that are probably flooding related.

Willow Creek management has not yet responded to a call about the tenants' concerns.