Young Kansas boy whose dad got tattoo matching his scar from brain surgery dies battling cancer for the second time

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — A young Kansas boy who was battling a rare form of cancer died, KWCH reports.

Gabe Marshall, of Hutchinson, Kan., battled anaplastic astrocytoma of the brain and spine.

His father, Josh, posted the tragic news to Facebook around midnight Friday.

Gabe’s fight captured national attention after he went through brain surgery in the summer of 2016. He was self-conscious about the horseshoe-shaped scar that was left behind.

His dad, realizing the impact it was having on Gabe, got a tattoo on his head to match his son’s incision.

Image courtesy of KWCH

Gabe’s cancer returned six months after his surgery. The little boy and his family traveled to Kansas City frequently for treatment.

“Pretty much we were told that the tumor is becoming more active,” Gabe’s dad Josh Marshall told KWCH in December 2016. “Because of the location that it’s at, it’s inoperable.”