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Tiny Clay County town and 4-year-old ticket cause big problems for woman trying to renew driver’s license

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RANDOLPH, Mo. -- Carolyn Kirkman loves country living, but its difficult to survive in a rural area if you can't drive -- as she recently discovered when she tried to renew her driver's license.

"When she went to run it through for me to renew it, she told me that it was revoked right now," she said.

Yes, the Missouri Department of Revenue told Kirkman her driver's license couldn't be renewed because of an outstanding ticket from four years ago.

"It was for expired tags," she said.

Kirkman was pretty certain she'd already paid that ticket.

The revenue department told her she'd needed to get a statement proving that. That's where her problem took a weird turn.

That long-ago ticket was written by a police officer from the city of Randolph, a tiny Clay County town once known as a notorious speed trap -- so much so the Missouri Legislature passed a law forcing police departments that got the majority of their revenue from ticketing motorists to shut down.

That was three years ago, so reaching someone in Randolph isn't easy. There's no city hall, and when you call Randolph on the phone, nothing.

"It just rings. It doesn't go to voice mail. It doesn't do anything," Kirkman said.

Kirkman called the Clay County courthouse for help. A supervisor promised to leave a message for someone living in Randolph who could help her.

She hasn't heard anything, and the issue is having a big impact on her day-to-day life since she can't drive because of it. And it's all because of a non-moving violation from four years ago that she'd already taken care of.

That's why she called FOX4's Problem Solvers. We contacted Liberty attorney Mark Nasteff who represents the city of Randolph.

Nasteff told FOX4 what happened to Kirkman should never have happened.

He said that last year Randolph officially dismissed every ticket it ever issued, something he said the Missouri Department of Revenue should have known.

So FOX4 Problem Solvers called the revenue department and told them just that.

The very next day, Kirkman got her drivers license renewed and is back behind the wheel.