Family of 60-year-old man killed in Prospect hit-and-run says he was hit by his own truck

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The family of a man recently killed in a hit-and-run say he was hit with his own truck.

Relatives say 60-year-old Michael Martin cherished his daughter, three grand-children and the rest of his big family.

“He was the greatest uncle ever! He was there to help anybody,” Candice Martin said of her uncle.

Michael’s family affectionately called him “Mr. Fix It” because they said his favorite pastimes were doing carpentry work and repairing homes.

Michael Martin

“All you had to do was say, 'Michael, I need some work done on my house,' and he was over there doing it,” Candice Martin said.

She said when she last saw her uncle on the morning of Jan. 28, he was upbeat and in good spirits.

“Everything seemed fine. He was his normal self, just getting ready to go do whatever he had to to do that day and that was the last time I saw him when he walked out of my grandmother’s door,” Candice told FOX4’s Robert Townsend on Friday after the family held a memorial service for Michael.

Hours after she last her uncle that morning, Candice said the family received heartbreaking news.

“We couldn’t believe it. Reality just set in today after I was organizing and preparing his memorial service that my uncle really is gone. In just a blink of an eye, my uncle was gone,” she said.

Police said just after 5 p.m. Jan. 28, Martin was struck by a driver and killed just a block away from his home.

Martin’s family members said that driver was a woman Michael Martin dated on and off during the last two years. What’s more, the family also said the woman hit Martin with his own truck and then left the scene in the Ford F-150.

“I saw that lady that morning, and I’m not understanding how heartless a person can be that whatever the problem was, that you would just leave him there lying in the street and not notify us. Who does that? It’s just so hard,” Candice Martin said.

Another of Michael Martin's nieces said they've found the woman.

"Someone alerted us to where she was, and we went over there to talk to her, and we questioned her," said Amorita Martin. "She kept trying to tell us that he fell off the back of his truck. That just doesn’t make any sense because before he got hit, he was standing outside."

Police later located the vehicle and questioned the woman. FOX4 is not identifying the woman because the woman is not in jail and no charges have been filed at this time.

But the 60-year-old's family hopes that changes.

“I think she should be charged and get the maximum penalty when she’s convicted," Candice Martin said. "My uncle didn’t deserve that, and we just want justice. I will be there all the way to make sure he gets it."

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