Smart thermometers, app help metro schools track students sick with flu

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some schools in the metro are using smart thermometers to help track and fight the flu.

Academie Lafayette is one of 40 Missouri schools who earned a grant to give students thermometers connected to Kinsa’s fluency app to take home with them.

It allows parents and the school nurse to see what’s happening with student sickness in real time on their phones.

“It’s bad. It’s really bad. We are having kids home for a week, 10 days, which is a lot of time to miss away from school," school nurse Alyvia Elliot said. "And they are really sick, so it’s a perfect year to get this program started."

“You can upload the symptoms into the app, and then it informs the school if you should be on the lookout for a fever or runny nose or if strep throat is going around," parent Renee Schloss said.

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