WATCH: Passenger keeps sense of humor while tweeting damaged plane engine mid-flight

When you’re on board a plane with engine trouble, you have a few options: panic, pray, or make peace and reflect on life. One Twitter user aboard United 1175 on Tuesday chose another option: tweet about it.

Erik Haddad, a San Francisco-based Google engineer according to his Twitter bio, somehow kept his sense of humor while the one of the engines on the plane rattled around, visibly damaged and missing pieces.

Haddad tweeted the video with the caption, “that looks bad, plane and simple.”

Perhaps he was simply at peace with his impending doom, but Haddad took another shot, holding the flight manual in front of the damaged engine, writing, “I don’t see anything about this in the manual.”

CTV News Toronto journalist and aviation photographer Tom Podolec contacted Haddad and reported that the flight from San Francisco lost pieces of its engine about 36 minutes before landing at Honolulu, the intended destination.

It’s unclear at this time what caused the damage. While piece of the engine were lost, Erik’s sense of sarcasm certainly wasn’t.