Local teen sitting in class when best friend in Fla. texted her about school shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- News of the deadly shooting at a Florida high school hits close to home for one metro teen and her family.

Madi and her mother, Natasha, both received text messages from a young man named Connor, Madi's best friend.

The messages read, "I'm in a school shooting. Tell Madi I love her just in case. Moms on her way."

Madi said she was about to take a test when she got the news.

"I had to put my phone away, and I wasn't sure what was happening," Madi said. "We went three hours without hearing anything from them, and how they were doing. I was freaking out during school. My brain had shut down."

Text messages from Connor to Natasha.

Madi and Connor spent last summer together. Both of Connor's parents are first responders. Connor's dad works on the SWAT team and actually rescued his son.

Connor and Madi

Connor's dad texted his son, "I'm in your hallway. You're safe. Just hang in a little more."

Madi's mother said its a very scary situation not only for her daughter but also for her.

Text message to Connor from his father.

"It would just be terrifying," Natasha said. "In talking to him, he said, 'I didn't know our patrol car went that fast.' It was three hours before they got to him. So just terrifying."

Natasha said trying to comfort and assure her daughter that she'll be safe at school has been difficult.

"It's really hard talking with them, telling them you're going to be safe at school when I don't really know that," Natasha said. "It's just processing those fears and trying to do everything I can to make them feel safe."

Madi said since the shooting Connor has said that he heard gunshots and if the shooter had walked up the stairs, the shooter would have found where he was hiding.

Connor and his family