Fort Osage National Historic Landmark closed indefinitely after grass fire

SIBLEY, Mo. -- A grass fire has caused damage to a National Historic Landmark near Independence, Mo. on Sunday.

A responding firefighter told FOX4 that Fort Osage National Historic Landmark sustained damage Sunday.

Fort Osage and Education Center is closed indefinitely, Jackson County Parks + Rec said in a statement. The Education Center was not damaged by the fire, but smoke entered the building.

The firefighter at the scene said there were "at least two structures involved" and some perimeter fencing.

Fort Osage is an early 19th-century factory trading post. The National Park Service writes of the landmark:

Lewis and Clark passed through the area of Fort Osage in June 1804 on their journey west to the Pacific Ocean. Clark considered this spot to be a good place for a fort with its "high commanding position, more than 70 feet above high-water mark, and overlooking the river, which is here but of little depth." Upon their return in 1806, Meriwether Lewis was named governor and William Clark was given the post of commander of the militia and Indian agent of the Louisiana Territory. Clark established Fort Osage, one of the first military outposts in the Louisiana Purchase, in 1808 to protect and promote trade with the Osage Indians. The fort was built by the men of the 1st Regiment, U.S. Infantry, who traveled in six keelboats up the Missouri River under the command of Captain Eli Clemon and the St. Charles Dragoons who marched overland under Clark's command. Fort Osage quickly became one of the most successful of the 28 government supervised trading posts that functioned from 1795 to 1822. These operated under a "factory" system intended to prevent exploitation of American Indians by individual traders. Fort Osage also became the point from which distances were measured on the Santa Fe Trail in 1825.

The firefighter said at least six different fire departments responded to the scene. The fire was said to be under control as of 6 p.m. Sunday.