Delta flights delayed by icy conditions keep passengers grounded at KCI for hours

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Flight delays caused a major headache Tuesday for a lot of travelers at Kansas City International airport.

Several Delta flights were delayed for hours, leaving hundreds unable to take off from Kansas City and hundreds more unable to deplane in Kansas City because of icy runways and gates.

Debbie Meyer was just one of the many frustrated passengers. In fact, the KC resident wishes her Delta flight back home would have stayed in Atlanta.

"They should not have let us leave," she said. "They should have held us there instead of holding us on the runway for three hours. We touched down at 5:15 and literally jut got off the plane."

KCI spokesman Joe McBride said all of the delays and cancellations Tuesday were an airline issue not an airport issue. FOX 4 reached out to Delta for comment but has not heard back yet.