Kentucky governor blames ‘cultural problem’ for school shootings in U.S.

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Kentucky governor Matt Bevin‘s latest remarks on gun control is striking a chord with a lot of people on Facebook.

Bevin says the United States has a “mental health issue,” noting that “a hundred years ago and even fifty years ago, we had more guns per capita than we do now. It’s not a gun problem.”

“When I was a kid, especially after Christmas, people brought their guns to school. My friends, we’d get a new shotgun, a new .22 or something, you’d come to school, you’d show it to your friends,” Bevin said. “Kids would bring them on the buses. Sometimes they’d be in kids’ lockers. Nobody even thought about shooting other people with them.”

Bevin said the United States has a cultural problem, pointing to a culture that is “desensitized to death, that is desensitized to the value of life,” and celebrates death “through our musical lyrics” and “video games that literally reward you with points for going back and finishing people off.”

Bevin says a breakdown of community has led to what he perceives as our current mental health crisis.

“We gotta grow up here in America. We gotta be serious the fact that this is a cultural problem.”

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