EPA hosting listening session in KC as they consider whether to scrap law meant to clean up air pollution

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Global warming will be front and center in Kansas City Wednesday.

The EPA is holding a listening session at the Department of Agriculture building off 63rd Street and 435 before deciding whether to scrap a new law meant to clean up air pollution.

President Barack Obama passed the plan into law two years ago as a way to reduce air pollution from power plants, but now President Donald Trump wants to repeal it. He says it’s too expensive and burdensome for power plants to invest in renewable energy and become more energy-efficient.

That cost is more than $33 billion, and anyone who uses electric power pays for it. Supporters of the Clean Power Plan point to the benefits to the environment. Right now, power plants can dump as much carbon emissions into the air as they want, and many scientists say carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming.

The new rules President Obama passed were expected to reduce carbon emissions by a third over the next 12 years. The government also planned to offer tax credits to help utilities cover the costs of transitioning to alternative fuels and getting away from coal.

The public is invited to attend the listening session. It runs from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. More than 200 people are scheduled to talk to EPA officials about whether to get rid of the Clean Power Plan.

If you want to speak but did not pre-register, you can tell them when you arrive and they’ll fit you in if there is time. From Kansas City, the EPA heads to San Francisco and then Wyoming before deciding the fate of the Clean Power Plan.

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