Neighbors fed up when untreated road leads to numerous crashes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Many neighborhood roads across the metro are still proving treacherous. In south Kansas City, a section of street had to be shut down for hours because so many cars were sliding off the ice.

Chris Shaw and his roommate can look out their living room window and watch car after car after car end up in the ditch.

“A Blazer came down through here, down this embankment and into these trees,” said Shaw.

Another vehicle came close to running over two people standing in the driveway.

“You can`t stop. Even if you pump your brakes, your vehicle will not stop. It`s a sheet of ice,” Shaw said.

The dangerous driving conditions led Kansas City Police to block off the section of E 129th Street in south Kansas City between Prospect and Blue Ridge for hours.

“No one wants to take responsibility. Every time the cops come out they keep saying they know about this problem and they've even called themselves and nothing happens,” said Shaw.

FOX4 learned the section of road is the responsibility of Kansas City Public Works and called them. Within a half hour, three plow trucks made passes on 129th and put down salt.

Homeowners are beyond frustrated its taken getting FOX4’s help to get the hilly ice rink of a road taken care of.

“ I don`t like it because I know somebody could die pretty easily...It`s bad, real bad. I`ve lived here over 30 years and I`ve never seen a road that bad in Kansas City,” said Shaw.

They’re just thankful it is clear off now, before another round of winter weather hits.

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